Welcome to RAW Works. My name is Raymond and I live in the western suburbs of Sydney. This blog will be a portal for me to photo-document the wheels I refurbish and repaint. This is only a side hobby for me so there won't be any crazy custom jobs! My skills have only stretched so far as to using body repair materials, resprays and polishing, so anything that requires welding and unbuckling will be beyond what I can do. I hope to improve on my current skills as I go along, and as a lover of wheels, it's a way for me to express my art side as well as giving life to some tired wheels again.

At the moment, I'm just scouring through eBay for damaged wheels selling for cheap. If you have any wheels you don't need anymore, throw me an email/comment. At the moment I'm just buying sets of wheels to refurb then sell them off. I prefer not to do personal jobs/requests as I don't trust myself with that yet! But that said, pass me an email/comment if you need any help wheel-wise.

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Sep 26, 2010

Art project II - Changes

OK I haven't yet started on the project yet (I gotta get my car running first) but I've decided to change a few things. First of all, 4 wheels may be a little excessive and seeing as the venue of this creative depiction project is to be at my regular tutorial classroom, space will be limited. I'm gonna reduce it down to 3 wheels; the sandblasted and prep stage will be combined together. I've decided not to use the SSR Reverse Mesh as I don't have that wheel in my possession.

I did a new sketch:

All 3 will have props. The rusted stage will have a bottle labeled hydrogen peroxide. The prep stage will have assorted sandpaper in different grits. The completed stage will have a ratchet and spanner as well as polishing paste and a rag. The reason for including the ratchet and spanner is that I'm thinking of assembling the polished lip for the completed stage mid-way through the exhibition, after I have a decent amount of "creative input" from others. I don't really want the lips to be streaked with paint either!

I've got approximately a fortnight to knock this project out. Sometime this week I'll have to get the Work Equips and BBS RS sodablasted and start on the polishing. I'll also have some fun destroying the steelie!

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