Welcome to RAW Works. My name is Raymond and I live in the western suburbs of Sydney. This blog will be a portal for me to photo-document the wheels I refurbish and repaint. This is only a side hobby for me so there won't be any crazy custom jobs! My skills have only stretched so far as to using body repair materials, resprays and polishing, so anything that requires welding and unbuckling will be beyond what I can do. I hope to improve on my current skills as I go along, and as a lover of wheels, it's a way for me to express my art side as well as giving life to some tired wheels again.

At the moment, I'm just scouring through eBay for damaged wheels selling for cheap. If you have any wheels you don't need anymore, throw me an email/comment. At the moment I'm just buying sets of wheels to refurb then sell them off. I prefer not to do personal jobs/requests as I don't trust myself with that yet! But that said, pass me an email/comment if you need any help wheel-wise.

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Jan 14, 2013

Project EM1

First off, apologies to Joshua Nham, owner of this super clean EM1 that this BBS RS build was destined for, for such a late blog entry.  No excuses for my procrastination and tardiness when it comes to writing up articles.

Secondly, I didn't capture as many photos in this project as I usually do so I've been given permission by Allen Yie to share some of his talent.  Thanks Allen!

Josh approached me with his 15" BBS RSs in the hopes of getting some rebarrelling done.  Josh didn't mess around, knowing exactly what he wanted in terms of lip sizes and finish of the wheels, making my job of setting it all up super easy.

With my advice, Josh had his powdercoater masked up the contact sections of each piece, then done in a solid white.

Assembly was hassle free; if anything, the spikes made the install a tad painful, but it's nothing compared to what Josh has in store for him when he washes the wheels!

Like with all my previous builds, Josh helped out whenever he could throughout it all.

Aftermarket billet hex caps were sourced from the US (check out eBay, seller Aardvarc Racing) as well as red/gold centre caps.  Tied together with the white centres and gold bolts, it helped simulate a similar look to the rare "Primadonna" edition of the BBS RS.

Clean beads; let it sit for two days then we parted ways for Josh to have his tyre fitter wrap some 195/45s over them.

The next time I saw them was at JDMyard's EOYM at their new premises located close to home in Smithfield's industrial district.  I gotta say, it never gets hold seeing completed wheel builds that I've had a helping hand all fitted up.  Can't wait to see proper photos taken of this ;)

Final specs of the wheels were 15x8 ET13 and 15x8.5 ET6, with 2.5" and 3.0" lips respectively.

Thanks again goes to Allen Yie for letting me use his awesome photos!

All other photos can be found on my PBucket.

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